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I don’t know what it is about history that excites me so much. Instead of reading my kids bedtime stories, I would tell them them about Christopher Columbus and his journey towards the New World. Emma and Matthew would whine and complain and beg for me to read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie […]

Healthy Eating Pyramid

Use the Food Pyramid for Healthy Eating

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Having been updated in 2008, the food pyramid can give you all of the nutritional information that you might have been searching for.  We all pretty much know what is healthy and what isn’t, but following the food pyramid can help you to understand what each group of foods can do for you, or in […]


Historical Health Benefits of Tea

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Two of my favorite things have come to light and I’m here to talk about them both on the blog today; history and good health. Tea began its trek in the medicinal sense during the ancient times of Japan and China.  Tea was well liked not only because it tasted good, but because it offered some […]

Healthy Kids Foods

Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

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When the kids get home from school they are normally ravished with hunger since the lunch time for some of our kids is as early as 11:00 am anymore.  The old “milk and cookies” routine is not the way to go anymore when it comes to giving your kids snacks. Our kids seem to be […]

Healthy Kids

Keeping Your Child Healthy With Food!

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More and more in our society we are hearing about children who are obese and what steps we as parents can take to help end that.  The big lesson of the day seems to be to get them moving and exercising more.  While this is extremely important in our child’s lives, so is the food […]

Drink Up!

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It’s almost summer and the sun is at its mightiest during this time of the year. While we are having fun, our bodies are also experiencing some major adjustments just to survive. In order to maintain normal bodily functions, our bodies need water to survive. Dehydration happens when water levels in our body reach a […]

Basic Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

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People are now becoming more aware of their physical conditions and to maintain good health is something they are now considering seriously like the food they consume every day. There is no food that can give all the nutrients the body needs and that is the reason why we should eat a wide variety of […]